Motivation is tied to reward and the motivational property of beer – its reward value – is legend.

The reward value of beer seems to increase in direct proportion to our perception that we have earned it.  For starters, we must earn beer by waiting until we come of age to partake of it. And when we don’t wait, its allure increases with every forbidden sip, gulp or guzzle. My initial love for beer was born from watching my Irish American grandfather come inside after working in the yard, pry open a cold bottle of beer and pour it out into a glass mug before taking a big drink and emitting a satisfied sigh. As a child, I knew that beer was a reward for work and a perk of being grown up and I could not wait to reach the age of consent — the age of beer.

As adults, beer is one of the better rewards we give ourselves. Whether we earn it by working for hours outdoors in the hot sun, making it through the day or passing the bar, when we perceive that we have earned a beer through our effort, we enjoy it more. It tastes better. I like to picture the rebellious colonists tapping a cold keg after the escapade that became known as the Boston Tea Party. The key to that perception is the idea of the earned reward. Sure, we can have a beer “just because,” but it won’t taste as good.

Beer is egalitarian. Anyone can earn and enjoy a beer. It is not valued for its rarity or its age. Beer is for everyone and it is meant to be drunk today and tomorrow. Most of us can enjoy beer – on occasion or with regularity. We may make a toast and gently clink our flutes with champagne but we hoist our glasses and call out “Cheers,” “Skol” and “Slainte” with beer! Beer is affordable enough to share and a  reward for friendship. “Let me buy you a beer” and “Let’s go get a beer” are invitations; they are welcome words and promises of pleasure – in the brew and the company.  We earn these beers with our wit, charm and good nature. And beer shared with friends, old and new, is the best beer.

So grab a friend, or two, and head out to one of the many Florida breweries to share a cold brew! From the first sip, you will appreciate the hard work in a hot climate that goes into your Florida brew! For maximum enjoyment, earn that beer by ‘‘working” on your plans to attend the North Miami BrewFest 2019  – with friends, of course!

Char Eberly, Irish American Beer Drinker and Blogger