Exploring the local craft beer scene.

3:15-3:45pm in the Seminar room connected to the MOCA Museum.

SFLHops founder Stuart Skopit shares ideas on how to discover and connect with the local craft and home-brew scene year round.

Five years ago Stuart started the organization SFLHops the aim of which is to support our local craft beer scene in the tri-county by (1) supporting events and festivals put on by breweries as well as (2) to create unique events such as happy hours, tastings, pairings, bottle shares, beer crawls, and festivals.  SFLHops offers monthly beer crawls in different cities as well as four monthly beer festivals featuring homebrewers called Craft Carousel.  SFLHops has also created a Rewards Card which allows users to receive exclusive discounts any day of the year at over 60 locations (including 35+ breweries).  The venues and deals for the card can be viewed at:  http://www.sflhops.com/rewards-membership/ Stuart Skopit has been an elementary school teacher for 23 years.  He has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and has published an educational book focusing on 3rd and 4th grade level skills development in math, reading, writing, and science.  He has also written curriculum for character education which is available at TeachersPayTeachers.

Off Flavor Course

4-4:45pm in the Seminar room connected to the MOCA Museum.

Learn to Identify the six most common off flavors in beer through a hands on tasting class.
Two, Cicerone certified members of Pink Boots Society (PBS) will be presenting and leading this seminar.

Ami Parrino  |  Brew Bus Brewing

Ami Parrino is a Microbiologist and Certified Cicerone with four years in the brewing industry. She is a beer judge and is Siebel Institute sensory trained. In her free time she likes to travel and enjoys the hunt for good beer in far-away places.

Kristen Lorow |  Funky Buddha Brewery

After turning my passion for beer into a career, I’ve had many different roles in the industry including bar tender, event coordinator and operations manager. In 2017 I found my home in the marketing department at Funky Buddha Brewery, where I get to work with one of the most talented teams in the game. Staring as their Tour and Training Manager, I developed all of their beer and brand training programs, and was challenged to take the Certified Cicerone exam- which I did and passed (yey)! I’ve recently moved into a new role as Brand Marketing Coordinator where I get to work with a lot of people across many different departments and I am learning more about the industry every single day. When I’m not working, I love to travel, hoop, and chill with my dog Dexter and handsome husband, Lee. Cheers!

This course is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Cicerone® Certification Program.

The History of Brewing

5:00-5:30pm in the Seminar room connected to the MOCA Museum.

Back by popular demand with his crowd favorite seminar is Dr. Barry Gump Ph.D. and Eminent Scholar, Harvey R. Chaplin Eminent Scholar Chair in Beverage Management

This seminar will chronicle the rise of beer’s popularity and how it rapidly took hold as one of civilization’s favorite—and safest—ways to drink. You will learn about (and taste) a pre hops gruit (hops weren’t always as ubiquitous) and hear how chemistry, curiosity and creativity has fueled the booming home and craft beer movement yielding a historically unprecedented diversity of styles.

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