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1:30-2pm Brewing over time

with Professor Barry Gump

From nomadic tribes to contemporary cultures, a good brew is often seen as a sign of a civilization’s progress. Beer has been involved in everything from religion to law. Enjoy a trip through time as Dr. Barry Gump covers the beautiful history of beer.

2-2:30pm Baking with Beer

with Professor Roger D. Probst

If you or someone you know makes beer at home, there’s a good chance that pounds of barley, wheat and other grains are being discarded after brewing. This short course will show you how to use those spent grains for baking.

2:30-4:00pm Brewing for beginners

Urban Brewers, Joan Perez

Brewing beer can be intimidating at first. But don’t allow doubts to stop you from participating in the tradition of brewing. This quick course may help motivate your first brewing session, or perhaps answer questions and concerns that arose from a previous brew.